Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day Forty

Forty out of 365 days completed! Can you believe it?!
I sure can't. The fact that I am still doing this individual project of mine, still surprises me!
Yesterday was a very busy day! Kevin and I ended up going to his brothers house in the city to give him a poster that I've been working on for him for the past 3 weeks. I ended up printing it and framing it, so he could hang it on the wall of his apartment, and he loved it! This is what it looked like:
Steve (Kevin's brother; the one on the left) would always say how he needs to have a good picture and Kevin and him together. So I ended up doing a photo shoot of them together, letting him think it was spontaneous, while the whole time Kevin and I had this planned out. Thankfully, he was very surprised, and loved it! :]
Anyways, after we gave him the framed poster, we ended up taking the Brown Line to MOCP (Museum of COntemporary Photography) for an hour then we went back to his apartment and watched Blood Sport; which to be honest was a horrible movie. The storyline behind it was decent, but everything else was just embarrassing. Yes, I understand the movie was made in the 80's so film wasn't as evolved as it is now, but I just couldn't take it seriously. haha
Going back on topic, Kevin, Steve and I ended up going to see Motorhead last night! It was awesome as hell and a spectacular show. I wish I had pictures of it to show you, but I didn't have a press pass so I couldn't bring my camera. :[
The photo for day 40 was taken while we were in the city during the day. As we were waiting for the train, to bring us back to Steve's apartment, there was a guy doing a photo shoot with two models who looked very cold. Steve tried to be funny by saying, "Take a picture of a guy taking a picture!" So me being me, I did. I thought it was funny at first because they started to notice, but then I realized this girl standing there. So I tried to make the frame more interesting.
Taken with a Nikon D2X and 24-70mm wide-angle zoom lens. F/2.8, 1/800 shutter speed, and 100 ISO.

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