Friday, February 18, 2011

Day Thirty-Eight

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, I did end up getting my photo until 3 minutes before 12 o'clock.
I realized that my car, which I just got about 2 months ago, is starting to act up. So I can't drive it until Thursday when I take it into the shop. It's going to be very interesting.
Anyways, I about two minutes to think of what I was going to capture, and three minutes to take the photograph that was for 38. Well, I tried to be creative and no matter which angle, lens, or lighting I used, the picture looked like a 4th grader could've taken it.
I stopped taking photos right at 12AM and went to bed because I was exhausted.
Today, I was looking at the photos to see which one was best to edit and all I could do was laugh! There was not one photo where the angle or lighting was off. So, I made the best of it.
Honestly, I am too physically/mentally exhausted tonight to put my energy into editing this picture because I have 100 more photos I need to look at for today's photo.
So here it is. I am sorry! Haha
I could've edited this a lot better but again, I don't have the time.
What an excuse right?!

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