Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day Five

Today was more of a relaxed/lazy day for me. My day consisted of sleeping in, watching family guy, helping Kevin with his project, and taking today’s picture.
I will not say the location where this picture was taken, let’s just say that this bathroom is never used. When I was looking around the location, I saw the bathroom and automatically knew that it was going to be the location of day five. I started taking pictures of the falling down ceiling paint, the holes in the walls, the rusty, moldy sink, and then I opened the shower door.

Normally, you would get disgusted at a sight like this, but I was oddly inspired. Wondering how a photo will show the grotesque look and feel but will make the audience want to keep looking at it. I shot every possible angle and distance that I could think of to achieve this. Once I thought I got the shot, I hurried out to get a fresh breath of air.
Think I accomplished what I wanted?
Comments always welcome!

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  1. haha ew! Where did you go to get this? Please don't say that's our bathroom ;P Great picture!!!!