Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Three

Surprisingly I had a very good day today. Even though I was at school since 11:00AM til close just to work. I felt like I got a lot of homework done, and this reason was to put my mind towards this project. I find myself starting to look at things in a different way than what I am used to.
Normally, I don’t even take a second look at what I am surrounded with everyday. Now, I am starting to look at this ‘normality’ and try to see if it can be twisted, poked, bent or formed into something new. Something that really made my creativity want to come out, was a reading that was assigned from my favorite teacher, Manol.
“Whistler’s Hippopotamus” by M.F. Agha talks about “the quest for a way to define opposing camps in photography…” The one thing that made me actually want to read and not just skim through, was the title(hippopotamus’ are my favorite animals) Still, when I first started this reading, I had the mindset of another college student about to read another forced homework reading. But as I read on, I felt myself engaging in the words being said.
He started talking about the Modern photography and how it leans more toward the “strange, weird, grotesque things”. And then comes my favorite part, “Our friend, the hippopotamus, represents the spirit of modern photography in more ways than one. He stands for everything that is strange and bewildering, formidable and repulsive; but, at the same time, he symbolizes the triumph of honest photography over fake photography. Just look at his skin… It’s full of spots and blotches—as the skin should be in an honest, unretouched, Modern photograph.”
I realized I had a huge smile on my face! My favorite animal represents what I believe my photography to be. I have never edited a photograph of mine, to the point where it looked nothing like how it did when I captured the photograph (unless, I obviously had to do it for a class). It definitely spiked my motivation level up a couple notches.
Anyways, here is a picture one of my friends from WI (Kat Grudowski) sent me after realizing my favorite animal is a hippo.

Isn’t it adorable! :] No, it isn’t my photo, I just wanted to show it!

Here is my third photo of 365.
It's not a good representation of what I was talking about in the earlier paragraph but hopefully my later photos will.
I've been looking at it too long now, so I will end it and make you the ones that have to look at it now.

Only 362 to go!

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  1. awwhhh!!!! The hippo is so freaking cute, you would! Love the pics Zenita, honestly. LOVE YOUU, you go girl. So proud!