Friday, January 14, 2011

Day Four

You know how when you’re trying to qui,t or keep yourself committed to something, and they say the third day is always the hardest? They lied. Every day is the hardest. Even though last night was the third night, and I was very tempted to not post my day three picture; because honestly, it sucks. The only reason why it’s actually posted, is because Kevin, my boyfriend, made me. But everyday has obstacles that you need to overcome, and I honestly think for this project, everyday gets harder.
I understand that a photographer is always going to have photos better than others but I have to admit, I absolutely hate showing people photos that I don’t feel are strong. Maybe, that’s another reason why it is good for me to be doing this.
Today I had class until 12PM, so thankfully, I had the rest of the day to put my mind towards today’s photo.
I ended up finding a nature preserve off Schaumburg Road and walked around there for about two hours, which I absolutely loved! I feel like I haven’t gone on a nature walk in so long from being stuck in a city, but now I know there are at least some places where I can enjoy the fresh air.
Anyways, as I was walking, three female were walking in front of me, stopping me in my tracks. Without even thinking, I brought my camera to my eye and started to shoot. Two of them ended up running away, but one just stood there and stared at me; as if she knew she was being photographed and wanted to be my subject.
I was using a Nikon 85mm lens, which is not that good for far away distances, so after about 10 decent pictures, I reached for the 70-200mm around my shoulder, but by the time I took the lens cap off, she was already on her way to catch up with the other two.

This photo is when she was staring at me. This isn’t the best picture in the world, I can admit that but the connection I felt with this deer; makes the whole entire picture for me. Like she knew I was going to be there and that I was going to use this picture for my project. (If you can't see this, you can always click on the picture, and it will go to a new tab and get larger)
4 days down.. 361 left to go.

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  1. Zenita, this is wonderful. Seriously. I love this so much. Stop saying it's not the best picture in the world, that doesn't matter. This is a wonderful shot. Your composition is spot-on in my opinion. And when I clicked to see the image bigger (I had no idea what "deer" you were talking about) I saw the deer and it made this shot perfect to me. Keep doing what you're doing.